Decrease 20 pounds in only two weeks

All of us wants to look smart and attractive but in this era of hustle and bustle we have to use packed food, can food, scrap and fast food which contain flavors, extra fat and preservatives these things have numerous side effects, these and many other issues cause the body to gets obsessed.

None of us like to look fat and we also know that obesity is the mother of all disease. Many people use many hard diets to make them self-insolent but sometimes they do not get the wanted results. Here we are going to discuss several types of diets people used to follow and then we shall also discuss two weeks diet plan. Visit our website

How projected two week diet plan?

The innovative two week meal plan is given by a well-known neutralist Brian Flatt.  After the study of more than 500 books on human health and fitness Brian Flatt decided to propose his short diet plan based on recent researches and studies about how the human body works. Rendering to his diet plan you can reduce up to 20 pounds in two weeks after that your body become metabolically active and burn more calories than you intake. His two week diet plan is 60 days long and based on following principled:

  • Use less fat with minimal carbohydrates
  • Use fresh organic food
  • Use more vegetables less meat
  • Use blood cleansing meals
  • Do a little exercise too

What makes us fat?

Obesity can be due to four major reasons:

  • Accumulation of excessive fats
  • Heredity factor
  • Physical inactivity
  • Low base metabolic rate

When we take heavy meals full of thousands of calories, these calories are stored in our body in the form of fat in the adipose tissues which are mainly located in the lower abdominal region and hip region you must have seen the early signs of obesity begin with a large belly. Heredity factor also somewhat plays a role in obesity, in this case, a lot of care must be taken to keep yourself fit because in this scenario your body is programmed to get fat by your own genes. We all know the importance of exercise. Exercise is a great tool to burn our extra calories. That is why when low physically activities are performed than body becomes week and results in a low base metabolism rate which reduces the ability of the body to burn extra calories. Visit our website

How human body works?

Our body consumes energy in the form of calories (carbohydrates), and store excessive energy in the form of fats. If we reduce the supply of carbohydrates to the body it will start consuming the stored fat in a process called auto phagy (self- eating). Thus, the body burns a lot of calories in this process and dispose of the accumulated fat. This is the basic principle of two week diet planning:

  • Balance diet
  • Less fat more fiber
  • Minimal carbohydrate uptake
  • Use of blood cleansing food (detox food)
  • Sufficient exercise

Follow the week die plan and get rid of excessive calories. Visit our website